Autumn 2010 - Spinal injury healing

A brother (Andrew) in the rehab center has had had surgery (scoliosis of the spine) since his childhood. It was really bad sometimes. For instance once, after some harder work with a large electric hammer - he could not get up from a bed for a week because of the back pain.

At one of a prayer meeting a word of healing was proclaimed for him - according to examples in the Bible. When the word of healing was released, he accepted it with faith and said that statement: "Yes, this word is for me."

Andrew says - he got up in the next morning and went to work again and worked hard before lunch. And only in the afternoon, wondered that he could normally work so hard having no pain. So, he realized he was healed. Since then he has been warmly testifying his healing to all the people who came to the rehabilitation center and attend prayer meetings.

This is one of many miracles that show how the Lord blesses our brothers in the rehab center.