The Grace House Congregation

Based on the ministries of the drug rehab (Beit-Chesed) and Soup Kitchen (BeitLehem), a young congregation has been developing. Leaders of the congregation are the rehabilitants that once asked for help, and now help themselves. They serve in the love of the Messiach, those who need help today: visit sick, help the poor. We are glad that the gospel is living and active to this day. Among other work forms are home groups, have meetings and Bible studies. This is the fruit of the Gospel of the both ministries.


Prayer meeting on Tuesdays

  1. we pray for the country
  2. for the needs of people
  3. we will be glad to pray for your needs too!

Sabbath meetings on Saturdays

Open Bible College

Also in development is Open Bible College.

We share experiences and the communicate with local congregations; try to share with other believers our experiences and evidence of the work we do.