Testimony of the Pastor, Dmitry Brodkin
In October 2000, I suffered a spinal injury; offset disc, vertebral hernia. I was paralyzed for half of month and could not get up and walk. Through the prayers of brothers and sisters, the Lord miraculously lifted me up, without surgery recommended by doctors; after which I would only be guaranteed by doctors only a 10% possibility of being able to stand and walk.

But a year later, I could walk and was able to do housework. Gradually, the sensitivity in my left leg began to return. All this time we did not stop praying for my healing. Once I began to feel my left leg, I had an EMG. This is a test using current on the conductivity and sensitivity of the nerves. After this test, the doctors told me that my condition had worsened and that they didnít understand why I began to feel the leg. During these past ten years we have continued to pray and to believe that God is able to heal.

In November 20, 2010, at a conference in Haifa, the Lord healed me completely, while pastors were praying.

Since that time, I can sleep at night without waking up in pain, and wrapping in a sheet like in a cocoon.

All glory and praise to God Almighty!